Products & Technologies

Gamma Technologies Ltd is dedicated to the development of high resolution imaging systems for use in nuclear medicine. The company has a range of products with the potential to broaden the scope of clinical investigation. The portable nature of these products will allow high resolution imaging in intensive care units, operating theatres and at the patient bedside.


Mini Gamma Ray Camera

Our lead product, currently at the pre-commercial prototype stage, is a Mini Gamma Ray Camera (MGRC) intended for use within intensive care and operating theatres.

Our Mini Gamma Ray Camera is currently undergoing clinical evaluation in the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. A small number of volunteer patients have already been imaged using a standard whole body camera and our new Mini Gamma Ray Camera.

Our gamma cameras offer high spatial resolution imaging (< 1 mm) over a 40 mm x 40 mm field of view with energy discrimination to minimise image degradation from scattered radiation. The patented technology is both simple to use and highly portable making point-of-care imaging a reality.

Further Information

  • Non-clinical applications

    Mini Gamma Ray Cameras have a role in a number of applications such as Veterinary medicine where taking animals to a remote Centre may not be practical. Other uses include environmental monitoring: accidental spills and areas of high or unknown radioactivity where it would be hazardous to send human operators.

  • Literature

    A recent paper published in Applied Radiation and Isotopes discusses the need for special types of phantoms for assessing high spatial resolution gamma camera and includes images from the Mini Gamma Ray Camera.

    J.E. Lees et al Design and use of mini-phantoms for high resolution planar gamma cameras, Applied Radiation and Isotopes 68 (2010) 2448–2451, doi:10.1016/j.apradiso.2010.06.005