Gamma Technologies Ltd are working with a number of partners to produce the highest quality products.

University of Leicester

Gamma Technologies Ltd are working with experts from the University of Leicester’s Space Research Centre on the development, optimisation and miniaturisation of our products. The Space Research Centre has an extensive heritage in developing high resolution camera for a large number of space satellites built to the highest quality standards (eg. ESA and NASA). Gamma Technologies is benefiting from leading edge engineering design and manufacturing expertise including rapid prototyping and 3-D design and system modelling.

University of Nottingham

Clinical evaluation of our products is taking place in the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham with the assistance of University of Nottingham and NHS staff. Assess to the most modern clinical environment and volunteer patients handled by experienced trails manager are producing a wealth of clinical imaging data and enabling our team to compare our camera with existing state-of-the art whole body gamma cameras in a clinical setting.

De Montfort University

Gamma Technologies is working closely with De Montfort University’s Regional Design Unit which helps the region’s businesses develop new products and support its flourishing design industry. The Design Unit are helping to ensure our products are both ergonomics and resource efficiently designed.