GTL - Innovative Gamma Imaging

Gamma Technologies Ltd is dedicated to the development of high resolution imaging systems for use in nuclear medicine.  The company has a range of products with the potential to broaden the scope of clinical investigation. The portable nature of these products will allow high resolution imaging in intensive care units, operating theatres and at the patient bedside.

  • Products & Technologies

    Our lead product currently at the pre-commercial prototype stage is a Mini Gamma Ray Camera (MGRC) intended for use within intensive care and operating theatres.

  • Partners

    Gamma Technologies Ltd. is working closely with the Space Research Centre at the University of Leicester, the Academic Medical Physics at the University of Nottingham and with The Design Unit, De Montfort University.

  • Applications

    Our high resolution gamma cameras have a number of applications in clinical nuclear medicine but also in a range of non-clinical applications, such as Veterinary medicine.

  • About us

    Gamma Technologies Ltd. are a new company with novel ideas in high resolution imaging.

News & Events

Our Mini Gamma Ray Camera is currently undergoing clinical evaluation in the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

A small number of volunteer patients have already been imaged using a standard whole body camera and our new Mini Gamma Ray Camera.